Frequently Asked Questions

A little FAQ about me and what I do here.

How do you upscale your content?

Using Topaz Video Enhance AI. Most of my work is just fine tuning the different models parameters and running tests until I get a suitible result.

Some of these files are big and have lots of parts, how do I download them all?

The links we share will have anywhere from 5-100 parts, because they will be packed in 500MB chunks. It's easiest to use a download manager, JDownloader2 is a free open source option that will get the job done. Full guide here.
We also offer torrent links now. It is recommended to use a VPN when downloading torrent files.

Why does it take so long to release new content?

Currently I'm doing everything by myself. From the actual upscaling, to the designing of this website. I use a static site generator that uses markdown called MkDocs. It's super simple and will help me upload to the site faster.

Who are you?

I'm all over the place! I'm a 3D artist, graphic designer, and programmer from the United States. I've always found A.I. fascinating, and I hope you'll share in my enjoyment!

What are you going to be upscaling?

Mostly older content that is only available in lower resolutions. I will also be upscaling some movies and TV shows to 4K, but those can take multiple days, sometimes a week to finish the rendering alone.

I need to file a DMCA

Please reference our DMCA page containing the proper procedures to file a DMCA takedown.

Do you take requests?

I wish I could! Until this project can be expanded and I have multiple users upscaling content, I simply won't have the resources to take requests. Sadly I can only do one video at a time.

Are you on social media?

Only Reddit for now. I've considered making a private/public Discord server though. I will also look into getting an RSS feed.